The Path to Healing

is Your Choice…


Registered Massage Therapy
Intuitive Holistic Healing
CranioSacral Therapy Dynamic Field Therapy
Visceral Manipulation Applied Kinesiology
Massage Therapy Shamanic Healing
Zero Balancing Usui Tibetan Reiki
Acupuncture Guided Therapy


If you have tried to find relief through traditional treatments without success, now may be the time to try something different.  

Through a combination of evidence and experience based practices your path to healing begins. Often the answers to healing aren’t straight forward and simple, they require knowledge of structure and function, as well as the intuitive touch to find the source of the imbalance(s). While the techniques of a Registered Massage Therapist rely on scientific research to assess your current condition, the practice of the Intuitive Healer is to understand the underlying cause(s) of when your health began to decline. Here you can experience both. 

To find out more about the techniques offered choose the Techniques tab to see a couple of points about what is available. Or if you want to know a little bit About Tim you can find that here too. If you’ve been referred to Tim and trust the person who sent you, feel free to jump right to Book Now!