In order to give a first hand experience of what sessions with Tim are like we sent out 3 questions to some of the people he’s trained with, worked with, and even some of his clients.  The questions he asked were…

  1. Is there anything that you feel others need to know about Me, Tim Davis?
  2. Is there anything that you feel others need to know about having a session with Me, Tim Davis?
  3. How would you describe the benefits (and whatever the opposite of that might be) of a session with Me, Tim Davis?

Some of the unedited answers are what we got back…

When you are working with Tim, I highly suggest you only ask questions you really want answers to. If Tim has access to the answers, he will share with you, even if the information is difficult. This is a very helpful quality when you are curious and ready to do your own personal internal work.”

“Tim does what he does with heart. It’s not about being nice but more about being effective and making real and substantial change for your highest and greatest good. He has the capacity to hold space and see things from a perspective many people can’t even fathom.”

“When you go into a session with Tim with curiosity about your own inner exploration, willingness to look at and feel what’s really going on in your body, and a drive to make a change in your life you will likely be able to experience more of what Tim can bring to the table. If you are ready to do your work, Tim is a great asset to have on your team.”

If you’re curious about the courses Tim has taken or the institutions he’s studied with go to