“I am not a sales person, nor do I offer these things as part of my massage therapy practice, and yes some of them are multilevel marketing companies, but they are also products I have used for my own healing and well being, as well as that of my loved ones.”     ~ Tim

Young Living

Not just essential oils!  YL has some of the highest frequency oils I’ve experienced.  I use them daily as part of my routine and ritual. Their ultrasonic diffusers are aesthetically pleasing as well as effective. I use the cleaning products in my home, the personal cleansers and toothpaste, supplements and more. Basically I LOVE their stuff and yes I’ve tried the other companies but without the energetic zyng I get from Young Living.

If your interested in any of their products, I am able to buy for those located close to me, but that means retail pricing. Or what I recommend is that you can sign up as a distributor and get a 24% discount off products. You only have to buy once annually to stay active, but you save more and get free stuff if you buy monthly.

You can find more information at my site www.young-living.ca


A device that saved my life, well at least my back. Many of you that have come in for Hands-on sessions already will have experienced the benefits of the Biomat as it tends to be on my clinic table (unless I’m being self-full and using it at home).

The Biomat is….

Recommended Reading

From My Hands and Heart by Kate Mackinnon

For those that want to understand more about what some of my training has taught me to do, my friend Kate Mackinnon wrote a fantastic book about CranioSacral Therapy, with a forward by Wayne Dyer.

Full Body Presence by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

My workshops with Suzanne have probably been the most transformative of my life. Full Body Presence teaches you how to settle more into yourself with its audio explorations, listening to the cues and signals of your body, while also recognizing the unconditional support that is all around us. Brilliant work necessary for a world that lives more and more in their heads.