The starting place for most that come here seeking healing is the session. Simply put, Tim doesn’t heal anyone, but he listens to you, or rather your body, to facilitate your journey to healing yourself. That is the secret after all, for you to know that you are the one with the power. Tim is simply a guide, listening to you and helping you to step over the boulders and wade through the waters that have been in your way up until now.

Think of the issue that brought you here as a stone dropped in the water. It doesn’t only create ripples on the surface but from the day it anchors in the body it causes all fluids and tissues to have to move around it. It will continually create ripples in the body, and the space around you, as you change how you interact with the world.  What once was a smooth stride becomes an uncomfortable gait, whether caused by a stubbed toe, a painful hip, or a twist in the low back. Each presentation is a pebble, a rock, or a boulder that Tim will help you find, reduce, remove and rebalance.

There are a couple of choices, Hands-On or Distance Sessions. Which is right for you may be a choice or simply a necessity due to location relative to Tim. Both are equally powerful for achieving healing, some people have said Tim’s Distance sessions are more powerful (that’s largely because your BODY is very smart but can get confused when perceiving touch, sometimes interfering with the healing process). 

There is a philosophy of healing suggested by osteopath and physician Andrew Taylor Still in the 1800’s which Tim believes and is guided by.

  1. The human body functions as a perfect biological unit.
  2. The body possesses self-healing and self-regulating powers.
  3. Structure and function are related. 
  4. Abnormal pressure in one part of the body generates abnormal pressure and tensions in other parts of the body.

By listening to the body we discover where to treat because The Body knows. Even with all his training, Tim will never know how to heal you, but you do. He has to fold up his ego, put it on the shelf and listen to you. Not your words because they usually come from the brain, but to your body. This process has worked for people just like you for years. 


By combining CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Zero Balancing, Acupressure, Acupuncture, and Massage to realign the body with it’s highest potential in any given moment, Tim helps to bring your body back into balance, whether it’s fluids, muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, or bones that have been keeping you off centre, and likely less at home in your body, Tim will facilitate you dropping back in to listen to your truth when not being pulled into discomfort.

There are a several session choices, what has become known as T.I.M. (Therapeutic Integrated Massage) through Tim is probably the most common in which all the training comes to bear in one session, or there is the option to focus on a specific Advanced Techniques (Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Zero Balancing, or Acupuncture by an RMT), or there is the beauty of going Back to Basics and receiving the earliest styles of treatment Tim was trained in (Swedish Massage, Reflexology, or Reiki).


If you live on the other side of the planet or Tim is off on one of his learning journeys, you don’t have to miss out. Tim has has long used a method he calls Guided Therapy.  By phone, online chat, or even text, Tim will spend an hour guiding you through the process of settling into your body and becoming aware of how your body is communicating with you, exploring different stretches and pressure points, and their uses in self care. Some clients have even suggested Guided Therapy is more potent than hands on work.

Furry Friends

There are many things that bring joy to life but for Tim one of the biggest is his love of animals. His chocolate Labrador retriever, goes with him most places and is the shining star of many pictures you’ll see if you follow Tim on social media.

Sadly however animals will often need Tim’s help too. Whether it’s a horse that took a spill or a dog that had a rough start to life, Tim has traveled far and wide to bring his helping hands to the aid of an animal in need of being listened to.  The treatment is the same…listen listen listen…fortunately animals don’t mince words nor do they suffer fools lightly…they are clear about what they need and as always Tim will do his best to listen and provide assistance.


Hands-On at the Clinic

T.I.M. (Therapeutic Integrated Massage) 60 minutes for $150*


Phone Consultation 60 minutes for $120*

Furry Friends

Treatment fees for our fury friends vary and are not time dependant because our animal friends work on their own schedule.  In many cases Tim must travel to treat so that becomes a part of the fees charged.  If 3 or more animals are treated in the same location at the same time, the travel fee may be waived or reduced. Please send an email to with details about the furry friends you wish to have treated so that we can be sure to help them and you as best we can.

*times are inclusive of arriving, treatment, payment, booking next session, & leaving